AINU SHAMSI ENERGY LIMITED is a petroleum importing, exporting and retailing company that operates from its base in Kenya and provides quality service in the region and is at par with its competitors in the petroleum industry. The company operates from its head office in Nairobi, an ultra-modern offices located on the 7th floor of Geminia Plaza, Kilimanjaro Avenue, Upper Hill, Nairobi.



  • 254 202713722/3, / 254710723737
  • info@ainushamsi.com
  • Geminia Insurance , Plaza Seventh (7th) Floor, Kilimanjaro Avenue Nairobi Kenya.

AS Products


1 PMS- Premium Motor Spirit also known as Super/Petrol. This is for use by small passenger cars and vans and all vehicles running on petrol engines.

2 AGO- Automotive Gas Oil also known as Diesel. This is for use by trucks and all vehicles running on diesel engines. Diesel is also used in various industrial purposes in factories and industries for production including running power plants.

3 This is used for domestic purposes both for lighting and cooking. It is also in various manufacturing processes including paint manufacture

4 Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO) & Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO): These related products are used in various industrial processes including energy production and running furnaces

5 Bitumen: This is used in road construction among other processes

6 Bunker Fuel: For use in motoring ships and other marine vessels.


Our lubricants are manufactured under high standards with key regard to quality to give maximum performance even under extreme condition. Our lubricants are uniquely designed to outstanding levels of performance, cleaning power and engine protection even during extended oil change intervals. They combine a blend of high performance base oils and balanced additive components to deliver exceptional wear protection and longer life for engine parts.

Among the products under our stable include;

  1. Petrol Engine Oil- API SL/CF-
  2. Diesel Engine Oil- API CF-4 15W40-
  3. Coolants 33%
  4. Brake Fluid DOT 4
  5. Automatic Transmission Fluid- ATF II-D
  6. Motor 4T- SAE 20W50 API SG JASO MA
  7. Greases- EP3


We sell Liquefied and distribute Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) both in bulk and in cylinders for domestic and commercial use under the AS Gas brand. We bottle and package our gas under the highest quality standards to guarantee product quality and safety. We also ensure product integrity by ensuring that all our delivery trucks, cylinders and appliances conform to all the set standards on quality and product handling. We strive to supply Safe, Clean & Reliable Gas in line with our tag line.

We supply our gas in various quantities including;

6KG Cylinder

13KG Cylinder

50KG cylinder

Bulk quantities as per our various customer needs

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