AINU SHAMSI ENERGY LIMITED is a petroleum importing, exporting and retailing company that operates from its base in Kenya and provides quality service in the region and is at par with its competitors in the petroleum industry. The company operates from its head office in Nairobi, an ultra-modern offices located on the 7th floor of Geminia Plaza, Kilimanjaro Avenue, Upper Hill, Nairobi.



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  • info@ainushamsi.com
  • Geminia Insurance , Plaza Seventh (7th) Floor, Kilimanjaro Avenue Nairobi Kenya.

Motorcycle Oil

Motor 4T- SAE 20W50 API SG JASO MA

AS ENERGY offers a range of motorcycle oils that meets the requirements of daily use of all types of two-wheeler and all engine types. This range complies with the most stringent international standards. In order to choose the right lubricant, it is important to know what type of engine you have. This is because 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines need different oil types due to their different lubrication systems. Lubricants for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are different and never interchangeable.

4 stroke engine oil (4t oil)

Most motorcycles feature a 4 stroke transmission, with engine, clutch and gear housed within a single unit. Therefore a dedicated oil for motorcycle is recommended for this specific engine type to achieve optimal performance.  AS MOTORCYCLE  4T is particularly recommended as a lubricant for mechanically high-performing 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It is suitable for all uses in urban traffic, country jaunts and high-speed motorway travelling. This lubricant is compatible with catalytic converters and leadless fuels.

2 stroke motorcycle oil ( 2t)

2 stroke lubricants are very different from 4 stroke: 2 cycles, lubrication is lost (combustion), 4 to 8 times more oil consumption, double speed of rotation, one to twice more power rate, that’s why we have designed a specific range to fulfill the requirements of 2 stroke motorcycles. This is also the most ideal oil for lawn mowers, power saws and generators.




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