AINU SHAMSI ENERGY LIMITED is a petroleum importing, exporting and retailing company that operates from its base in Kenya and provides quality service in the region and is at par with its competitors in the petroleum industry. The company operates from its head office in Nairobi, an ultra-modern offices located on the 7th floor of Geminia Plaza, Kilimanjaro Avenue, Upper Hill, Nairobi.



  • 254 202713722/3, / 254710723737
  • info@ainushamsi.com
  • Geminia Insurance , Plaza Seventh (7th) Floor, Kilimanjaro Avenue Nairobi Kenya.

Other Products


AS Energy Coolant 33% is a premium quality engine coolant which meets OEM specifications for modern high performance engines. It is specially formulated with additives to provide protection from oxidation, corrosion & accumulation of deposits.

Additionally, it provides extended engine life through prevention of precipitation of solids and raising the boiling point of the cooling water.

AS Energy Motor 2T is a high performance two stroke engine oil for use in motorcycles, scooters snowmobiles, and lean oil/fuel ratio chain saws. It is pre-diluted to ensure rapid mixing with fuel. It combines quality mineral oils with a superior additive system to provide good overall cleaning and performance. Its thermal oxidation stability and deposit control with overall cleaner engines resulting in extended spark plug and valve life. It also reduces ring sticking and piston tightening and protects against pre-ignition problems.

AS Energy Grease EP3 is a non-leaded Lithium soap extreme pressure grease suitable for all types of vehicle & electric motor bearings and couplings. It is a premium multipurpose grease suitable for use in a wide range of equipment including industrial, automotive, construction and marine applications.

It can withstand high operating temperatures thus enabling it to lubricate wheel bearings efficiently. It also provides good rust resistance, excellent stability against oxidation and improved resistance to mechanical breakdown.

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